Latest Projects
Russian private banking company.
The main aim is to show progress and trustworthiness, as well as diversify from competitors.
Benefort. Investments
Authentic, exquisite and sustainable jewellery, hand-made in Bali by a small manufacture among rice fields.

Authentic Indonesian craftsmanship in modern, timeless designs. Rich and vibrant jewellery collections. Sustainable jewellery made of recycled silver.

With great admiration for Balinese artisans.
Elaya jewelry
“Koji Kea” translated from Japanese means “Cozy Care”.

This family-led brand creates the highest quality diapers for babies.
The brand’s mission is to help mothers in taking care of the baby.
KoJI KEA. Baby diapers & more
A European private equity fund specializing in real estate and development investments in the EU, as well as in redemption and resale of luxury goods (mainly yachts).
Summer capital
Pioneering the world’s leading solutions in medical aesthetics (across Russia & EAEU)

Exclusive distributor of medical beauty products on the Russian market and education provider for surgeons.
An adept of worldwide, ethical pharmaceutical industry.
Main business area: breast implants.
Key audience: plastic surgeons.
Renaissance Aesthetics
TaskForce is a team of experts and professionals specializing in providing high-quality home maintenance services in Dubai.

TaskForce's team possesses the appropriate know-how, in-depth competencies, and the best equipment to plan and execute even the most complex projects and tasks.
home maintenance
professionals in Dubai
The aim was to create timeless and confident brand identity and to reflecy the main company's values: stability and progress (ROI)

INVESTMent COmpany in dubai –
Branding & website design
The aim was to create the Academy's identity, that reflects an integrated approach, a sensitive community, and the founder's professionalism.

Asya Rosh is a certified nutritionist from New York. With an audience of 200k she promotes wellbeing and self-care on social media, helping thousands of women to live fully and know how to eat without counting calories.
Asya Rosh Wellness Academy
Olga is a neuropathologist, specialist in alternative Chinese medicine, living in Israel.

Basic methods of work: acupuncture, herbs, massage.
The goal of Olga's work is to give good health, find a pattern of imbalance and return to balance so that a person can fulfill his/her life purpose.
Chinese Medicine doctor
The founder, a French woman, says that public people who are tired of prying eyes like to stay at her place. The guest can rent a villa with a pool and a courtyard to get complete privacy.

Thus the name CACHE TA VIE was born — hide your life.

This is expressed in the logo's design, e.g. the first letter almost closes, keeping your privacy secure.
Yggdrasil is the tree of life.
This is an authentic viking story. An immersion into the Nordic festive atmosphere.

The first letter of the logo is made in the form of a rune, which means peace — an association with tranquility, for which we come to the spa — and is similar in shape to a tree — a reference to the brand's name.
BLINK — a words play, easy to remember and quickly pronounced. This is a modern, minimalistic beauty salon, where everything is about naturalness and self-love.

Therefore, I chose a playful accent font. The main color is sandy and I selected ivory paper, which supports the theme of minimalism and naturalness.
TOUS Christmas Collection (improvised) mall stand.

I put a large snow ball on the podium in the center with
the brand's mascot — a teddy bear — and artificial snow inside. It can also be used a separate product.

The brand's products are located under glass on a round plastic stand. The consultant can move around the stand.
A storage system is also planned inside.
Bal d'Afrique from BYREDO gift set (improvised) for the 8th of March.
The packaging is inspired by blooming flowers and African culture, maintaing the minimalistic brand's style on the outside.
Packaging Design
Step 1
We meet in person or online to discuss your project in detail. The main goal is to find out your brand's unique characteristics and to make sure we are on the same page.
After everything is approved and signed off, I send you the final PDF-presentation with all the technical details for manufacturing your newly designed products.
Step 2
I sum up everything that we have discussed after the meeting. If we are good to go, I start creating your brand's identity. The work ususally takes ~ 10 business days.
Step 3
Step 4
This is the most exсiting part. We meet for the presentation of the project, discuss it and amend what's needed. Your opinion is everything, but keep in mind that we have only 3 attempts to redo the project.
I'm Anna Sapronova.
Graphic designer living between Moscow & Dubai with over 5 years total experience
in Design, Marketing & PR.

I have a master's degree in Communications Management, and worked for 2.5 years
in a international brokerage firm, headquartered in London. During the pandemic I dived into graphic design and found how visual communications can help small and middle segment businesses grow into stories that people will talk about.

I'm here to help you express your brand's personality through design. Let me show you how.

Let's create!
I am happy to find out more about your project.
Please, contact me in any social media or via email.
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